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Didi & Gab

Hello! This is Didi & Gab, a couple of Asia-addict who have made South Korea their second home.

The Han River project was born in order to share our passion for this small corner of the world: a place where new ideas and innovations see the light on daily basis, overcoming the national barriers and spreading like a hurricane not only in the Asian continent, but all over the world.

We have been so blessed in our life and had the chance to live in Japan first and then in South Korea: an experience that made us aware of the traditions and the lifestyle in these countries, giving us the possibility to become curious connoisseurs of new trends that daily bloom in this part of the world. Everything is so dynamic and ever-changing that, after so many years, we still get amazed and surprised by so many things, exactly like the first day we ever stepped in this enchanting continent.

Han River is, in its more pure acceptation, the narration of this world: from its deeply-rooted millenary traditions, to its temporary and ephemeral trends, that burn fast and fast disappear, in the blink of an eye.

Beauty, lifestyle, travels and culinary traditions: so many topics to talk about! The common theme that links everything together it’s the wonder of discovery and the desire to narrate at 360 degrees the beauty of this world that, despite its contradictions, we chose as our personal, happy slice of paradise.

Han will be accompanying us in this journey: she’s the lovely mascot that animates the virtual pages of this website, born from the creative imagination of a talented friend (who has chosen to remain anonymous). Han likes to pop here and there, wearing her traditional korean dress -an hanbok.

The Han River blog will be soon complemented by an online shop, where we will try to make available to our European audience the trendiest items in South Korea: of course we’re talking about uber popular k-beauty products, but we’re also adding fashion accessories and lovely lifestyle items. Because, you know, reading about a fascinating place is indeed exciting, but getting the chance to live it first-hand is the real deal 😉 The most important point is one: all the products you will find in the shop later on will be personally tested and curated by us. We’re doing our best to get in contact with manufacturers located in South Korea in order to bring to you items that we personally love: no marketing gimmicks here; no positive reviews written just to convince you that a certain item is a must-have; no pretending that we like a product, just because we sell it. It’s all the other way around: we will be selling something because we like it!

This is just the beginning of our journey: we still have a long long path ahead and we fervently hope that you will join us, becoming our affectionate travel companions. Because a real passion needs to be shared!

The Han River passes through the city of Seoul, ideally dividing it in two: will you cross it with us?

사랑해요 ❤ Saranghaeyo

With love,

Didi  Gab ❤ Han


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