Fritz Coffee Company

Fritz Coffee Company

You have to know that koreans are crazy about coffee. I think I’ve never seen such an abundance of coffee shops, artisan roasting -let alone coffee types- in my life. And I’m italian. My friend Gina brought me to one of her (many) favorite shop and I loved it!

Fritz Cafe serves great coffee. And one of the reasons is that they roast their own coffee on site. Moreover, the coffee is grown in ethically responsible coffee plantations in Central America (El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) and India (in the Karnataka region) and directly traded with Fritz. So when you drink your coffee, you know it’s really good, and we’re not just talking about taste here.

The premises where the shop is set is really unique as well: hosted in a traditional tilted roof house, it gives the impression of being welcome in someone’s home. Everything here gives off a cozy and warm vibe.

Main entrance (detail)


Main entrance

On the first floor there’s ample sitting room, the cashier and a delicious assortment of sweets and bread.

One of the sitting spaces on the first floor


Delicious sweets selection


This country bread is so fresh and crunchy!

The bread here is very popular for being always fresh and crunchy. I’m really into sweets and found their croissants mouthwatering!

When you order your coffee at the cashier, you can choose the type of roasting you prefer: since they make their own, you can be sure it’s always going to be freshly roasted and grinded. I chose “Seoul Cinema”, a blend with a slight chocolate aftertaste (as I told you, I can’t resist to sweets, even when it has to do with coffee). I even bought a bag to bring home and had it grinded on the spot (you can choose the grinding as well, dependig on the type of coffee maker you’re going to use).

“Seoul Cinema” ground coffee

Fritz is famous for its “Cold Brew”, which can be enjoyed on premises or brought home in very stylish glass bottles, very popular with locals.

Fritz Cold Brew advertised on a wall

There are also many gadgets you can buy from the shop, including Fritz-themed canvas bags and very cute mugs to enjoy your favorite Fritz when you’re home.

Canvas bags sold on premises

Gina and I had a seat on the second floor: while the first floor is brighter and somehow preferred by those needing some time alone to work or study, the second floor is really cozy and perfect for couples or small groups of friends who want to chat for a while.


Second floor seating area


Funny detail on the light switch


A beautifully designed water self-service area (love the sink and the pink glasses!)

We personally spent almost two hours there! Despite the weather being crazily cold, we went for the super famous cold brew, served in cute metal cups. And of course we shared some bread -amazing taste!


Our choice of the day

I really loved spending some time in Fritz Coffee Company ^^ I hope to be back soon!

To get there (apart from taking a plane to Seoul if you live somewhere else):

Take Subway 6 or 5 to Gongdeok (Exit 8) and walk for less than 500 mts.

There’s a cute map on the official website (, but unfortunately it’s in korean. However, consider that exit 8 is on the upper left corner of this illustration, so you can see how easy it actually is to find the place.

Map to get to Fritz Coffee Company – Exit 8 of the subway it’s on upper left corner)

Enjoy your time there if you have the chance to drop by!

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