The Face Shop X Kakao Friends Collaboration

The Face Shop X Kakao Friends Collaboration

If you too can never get enough of cute collaborations, get ready to rejoice: The Face Shop and Kakao Friends have partnered (once again!) to bring an adorable character into our skincare and make up life…Let’s see what cute items you can get your hands on!

Korean beauty brands are always on the look out for new products to launch every single month. Competition is fierce on this side of the world and brands can never relax.

Since true, stunning innovations are not always possible (see R&D costs and development times), one of the easiest way to push the sales of “old” items is the so called “collaboration” trick, widely used in South Korea for all kinds of consumer goods, from food to clothing and, of course, beauty. Basically, you get a product you’ve been selling for some time and you put on it a sort of new “costume”, designed in collaboration with another famous brand in the fashion or lifestyle compartment. Of course, the collaboration needs to be strictly 한정판 hanjeongpan, which literally translates to limited edition. Et les jeux sont faits! You get adorable items, seemingly new, that people will rush to buy because they won’t be available for long on the market. Most of the times, they get you.

This time around, they got me when The Face Shop, an inexpensive k-beauty brand that scored some hits in the past few years, launched its newest collaboration with Kakao Friends on September in Korea. The Face Shop had already partnered in the past with the messaging app brand, but this time they decided to focus their collaboration on the sole character of Ryan, the mane-less lion that has started a real craze in South Korea in the past year or so. His most famous representation it’s when he wears a light-blue hoodie, thus the collaboration name: Hoodie Ryan.

The launch was advertised to be available starting from September 21st, so I put an alarm on my calendar: go and get it all! But, surprise surprise, most of the franchise shops started to put on display the new items a couple of days before the announced release date. I was just innocently walking by a small TFS shop close to the subway station I usually take from home and there he was: Hoodie Ryan’s cute little face was looking at me, urging me to bring him back home with me.

So here is what I decided to make mine after a long (maybe 10 seconds?) and carefully thought of selection.

Hoodie Ryan Cushion Case

This is probably the most iconic item of the entire collection. It’s a case, shaped with Ryan’s face, designed to contain one of The Face Shop cushions.

Not all of the cushions available from the brand fit in this case, so once you get yours you’ll find, on the back of the package, a list (in Korean) of the cushion refills of the Miracle Finish line you can choose from.

If you don’t speak Korean, here is a list in English to help you with (I adapted it in English from the original Korean version on The Face Shop website available here):

For myself, I decided to pick the Anti-Darkening Cushion in shade V203. It claims to stay on for up to 12 hours without oxidizing and to deliver coverage, skin color correction, wrinkles and fine lines minimizing, together with UV protection with SPF50+ and PA+++.

Here it is while I swatch it on my hand:

My hand (bare skin)
Applying the cushion foundation with the (super soft) sponge included in the refill.
Pretty decent coverage huh!

And below is the result on my face, upon application and after a work day out (approx 12 hrs later):

Right upon application (together with TFS Monopop Eyes eyeshadow, TFS Volume Up Lip Tint and Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Cheek Color in shade no. 5 Baby Rose)
After 12 hrs, of which: 8 spent working, 2 driving and some walks in-between under a stormy weather with strong winds and torrential rain…I couldn’t choose a worse day for taking an after-work pic!

This is the first time I use a cushion from TFS and I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the results! Coverage is really good for my skin (considering that I don’t have major skin issues to cover up) and no cakey effect, rather a very uniform and glowy finish (also thanks to a supreme primer I’m using these days, the White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage Cream from Klavuu -I love it so much that I decided that it deserves a review of its own, coming soon on this blog). Even after many hours out, it stays on my face without getting greasy or fading. I wouldn’t consider a 12-hours lasting effect though -that’s a little extreme for this cushion, if I might say. 6-7 hours are a more realistic bet…

But anyways, this is definitely a repurchase for me!

However, if you’re not a fan of The Face Shop cushions or you want to try something else when your refill is over, without having to confine Ryan in a dark drawer in your vanity, here is a piece of good news for you: you can actually use your Ryan case with a few other cushion refills from different brands!

Here are some I found out while going through my cushion collection:

Espoir | Nude Cushion (누드 쿠션) SPF50+ PA+++


Espoir | Pro Tailor Essence Compact (프로 테일러 에센스 컴팩트) SPF50+ PA+++


Hera | UV Mist Cushion (UV 미스트 쿠션 )


Innisfree | My Cushion (마이 쿠션)

Espoir and Hera refills are just the perfect size (too bad Hera Black Cushion won’t fit in there…), while Innisfree is a little smaller, so it gets loose in the case, but you can still use it if you want.

There are not so many compatible cushions as I’d like them to be, but it’s still something 🙂

Hoodie Ryan Monopop Eyes

This is one of the items in the collection that actually impressed me the most. I think I’m in love with this eyeshadow palette! Not only it is super cute, but it performs very well too.

Love this light blue packaging with cute illustrations!

The palette is available in 2 shades:

  • 01 – 모래놀이 라이언  (Moraenori Ryan, literally Sand Play Ryan)
  • 02 – 단풍놀이 라이언 (Tanpungnori Ryan, literally Foliage Play Ryan)

As you can see, shade 1 is focused on sandy/beige tones, while shade 2 reminds of the autumn foliage colors -and that’s where their names come from. Shade 1 is more indicated for a basic and daily make-up, while shade 2 is recommended to those searching for a more sophisticated and fall-themed make-up style.

The shades available in the Sand Play palette are those more trendy in Korea these days: very natural and less eye-catching than their western counterparts, they can be used to both go to work and to hang out with friends. Since I tend to wear mostly the same make-up for all occasions (and I’m also not a great make-up artist to start with), I decided to pick this one over the Foliage Play, because I felt I could be more comfortable with these colors.

As said, the palette is super cute 🙂 But also compact and very practical to bring with you in your make-up pouch (and be sure that your friends will try to steal it from you, like it happened to me lately 🙂 🙂 🙂

There are 8 different shades in it that you can easily mix and match: they go from lighter ones that can be used to highlight the lower part of your eyes to darker ones to be used on your eyelids to your heart’s content.

The eyeshadow texture is not too powdery and pigmentation is good (especially on darker shades), so you don’t have to wear too much of it to see a result.

And, surprisingly, lasting time is exceptionally good too! Even without using an eyeshadow primer, the powder sticks very well to the skin, assuring several hours of immaculate eye make-up.

Would I repurchase it? Absolutely yes! This item has so many good qualities on its side: many shades available in one palette, long lasting wear and, of course, an extreme cute packaging! Unfortunately, unlike the Ryan Cushion, once this palette is over you can’t replace the eyeshadows with a refill, so it means you will have to part your ways with the cute Ryan on its case…

I don’t even want to think about it right now 🙁

Hoodie Ryan Volume Up Tint

The Face Shop advertises this product as a series of Lip Tints that combine the glossy effect of a lip gloss with the long-lasting effect of a lip tint, leaving your lips soft and moisturized (the so-called 촉촉 Chok Chok effect that makes every Korean girl go crazy) thanks to a combination of brazilian nut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and macadamia nut oil.

The lip tints are available in 4 colors:

Color 6 – Pink Of Ryan

Color 7 – Polppalgan Ryan (Blushing Ryan)

Color 8 – Senchi Mood Ryan (Sentimental Mood Ryan)

Color 9 – Red With Ryan

I picked number 7, too excited at the thought of getting on my lips the color of Ryan’s cheeks when he blushes, like in some popular representation of his character 🙂

I have a ribbon around my head and I blush… Could I get more adorable than this?
The cute and brightly colored packaging
Red & Adorable!
The tint name is also impressed on the stick 🙂
Look at the glossy effect!

Compared to the brand’s claims, this Lip Tint delivers 2 promises in an excellent way: yes, it is glossy like a lip gloss; and yes, it makes your lips really soft and chok chok. Just look at its creamy texture while I swatch it on my hand!

This color matches my nails’! Just realized.

As for the long-lasting claim, well, it didn’t really live up to my expectations…

After the glossy effect has vanished (1 hour or so), you will see a feeble stain on your lips, but that too will fade away in a couple of hours. Of course, that is if you don’t eat/drink anything in the meantime, otherwise lasting time is roughly half of that.

I don’t think I would repurchase this one, since there are many better options in Korea these days. However, given the cute packaging and the fairly cheap price, I didn’t regret buying it, especially because the color looks gorgeous after application!

So if you don’t mind giving it a little touch up every now and then, you might want to consider purchasing this cutie 😉

Hoodie Ryan Milk & Shea Butter Creamy Body Wash

The last item I got from the collaboration between The Face Shop and Kakao Friends is a lovely Ryan’s face-shaped (you didn’t see this coming huh?) body wash.

Once again, a killer packaging…

Containing Milk and Shea Butter as primer ingredients, it claims to be a “creamy body wash” that will make your skin soft, smooth and lightly scented.

I imagined it being a creamy and milky-colored soap, so I was surprised to see transparent soap coming out from the little pump placed on top of Ryan’s head.

When mixed with water and lathered, it then turns into a very thick and soft foam.

I used it under the shower and really enjoyed the soft touch of this creamy wash 🙂

My skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards, thing that surprised me once again, considering that I mostly bought this item because of the cute packaging…Speaking of which: yes, sure, I can re-use this bottle over and over again! Refilling it with any kind of body soap I want!

So no need to repurchase for me, as I already got what I needed the most: Ryan’s head! (I know that sounds terribly wrong though)

Summing up

This collaboration between The Face Shop + Kakao Friends scores 4 out of 5 for me!

The reason being that most of the items I’ve tried are not only cute, they actually work! So you won’t feel like having wasted your money on something adorable but totally useless, so you will be able to put your conscience at ease for this round…

So thank you The Face Shop, thank you Kakao Friends and thank you Hoodie Ryan for making my shopping a guilt-free and rewarding experience!

Watch my haul on YouTube!


What do you guys think of this collaboration? Have you tried any of these items? I’m especially curious about the other items I didn’t get the chance to buy…will you share your experience with me? I’m waiting for your comments!


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